Strategic Advice

We don’t believe that there is a one-size fits all approach that can be taken to providing strategic advice.  Every company is different and so the “right” answer for one is unlikely to be the “right” answer for another.  Having said that, there are often lessons to be learnt from other areas and situations.  Mountain Hare’s consultants are experienced in a wide range of sectors and have worked for and supported companies from Start-ups to FTSE 250 PLCs.

The common theme in the advice we provide is that it has to be actionable.  Too often, expensive strategy consultants provide reports and guidance which are great in theory and impossible to implement.  Our advice is always pragmatic and actionable whilst still being ambitious for our clients.

If you would like to know more about how Mountain Hare can help, please get in touch.

Growth support

Our team have experience of managing rapid growth in businesses of all sizes and we are happy to help you get everything in place for you to go scale and expand.


We can help you to identify potential grant funding sources, develop your proposals and assist with writing the applications. 


We understand that at certain times in a company’s development they really need help but they can’t afford to pay consultancy day rates.  We are happy to share in the risk that you are taking as you grow your business.