Growth support

The classic view of a consultant is that they turn up in your office, ask you a load of questions, write your answers in a report and then leave you with a “Strategic Plan” that is impossible to implement.  At Mountain Hare we prefer to work with you to develop a pragmatic and realistic development plan for your business.  This doesn’t mean that it lacks ambition but we don’t see the point in plans that don’t have a clear series of achievable steps to take on the way to major changes and growth!

Not only do we pride ourselves on the pragmatism of our plans but we also like to stay around to help put the changes in place.  In the past we have taken operational roles within our clients for as long as 3 years in order to help make the plan work.  Our team have experience of managing rapid growth in businesses of all sizes and we are happy to help you get everything in place for you to go scale and expand.

Strategic Advice

Too often, expensive strategy consultants provide reports and guidance which are great in theory and impossible to implement.  Our advice is always pragmatic and actionable whilst still being ambitious for our clients.


We can help you to identify potential grant funding sources, develop your proposals and assist with writing the applications. 


We understand that at certain times in a company’s development they really need help but they can’t afford to pay consultancy day rates.  We are happy to share in the risk that you are taking as you grow your business.