Due Diligence

Our Consultants have been on both sides of the Due Diligence process.  We have been involved in deals ranging from £100K to £100M.  We are happy to help clients either carry out Due Diligence on a potential investment or to prepare for an investor carrying out Due Diligence on them.

In any acquisition or investment scenario there is risk.  The Due Diligence process is about understanding the risk being taken by both the investor and the company.  As a process it is often overly cumbersome for the levels of risk it is trying to resolve.  As a result it can be very distracting for management at a time when they need to be focused on delivering the other key activities of their business.  While we can’t eliminate the distraction we can minimise the disruption.  The services we offer are:

For the company

  • Preparation for Due Diligence
  • Responding to a Due Diligence questionnaire
  • Managing the investor
  • Carrying out Due Diligence on the investor

For the investor

  • Preparing a pragmatic Due Diligence approach
  • Leading the Due Diligence effort
  • Carrying out the technical due diligence (we have access to experts in most technical domains to support this as required)

Mountain Hare Consulting does not have qualified lawyers or accountants on its staff but we are used to working with them where required.